Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are a tool to help your browser remember your information on the site, making it easier to give you the content you want. At the core, they are just small bits of text and numbers that are downloaded to your device.

What do we use the cookies for?

Cookies are a vital part of the everyday functioning of a lot of online content. Cookies help your browser to remember information, and identify you as a user, so that we can keep you logged in. Cookies also help prevent fraud, for example by detecting fraudulent deposits from the same computer, and just to enhance your overall experience by showing you content that is suited to you.

We do not, nor do companies we work with, sell personal data collected from cookies to other companies. When data is transferred to a third party, it is done in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

What cookies does Bitdreams use?

The following cookie categories depict the different cookies utilized in our website. Please note that the names of the various cookies, pixels and different technologies used may change over time.

The 2 sorts of cookies that we use:

Strictly necessary cookies:

Anonymous cookies that permit guests to visit and explore around our site, utilize its features and functions. Preferences and data collected is used for security, fraud and client support purposes. Due to security and regulatory requirements related to online payments some performance and functional cookies are included in this category. The information collected will not be used for advertising and targeting purposes.

Advertising cookies:

Anonymous cookies that assist us with improving our site by gathering data about how visitors use and behave in our site. They help us remember our visitors and understand which content is most relevant to them. By storing and sharing this information with advertisers and other organisations we try to provide relevant advertising and the best experience based on visitor preferences.

What are the choices regarding cookies?

You can change your settings any time by visiting the Cookie Settings page. Aside from that modern browsers allow users to manage their cookies and browsing history. A user can access the browser settings in desktop, mobile or tablet and decide to clear cookies and even browser history. Based on the user's decisions, browsing history, website cookies and preferences can be cleared and deleted. You can read more about the above mentioned choices and settings for the most used and popular browsers in the links below:

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

Even more information about cookies and settings you can visit:

For various EU opt out options available, you can also visit:

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